Opera (libretto) format in Scrivener?

I am working on an opera, being a musician, this is a great challenge. I am writing the story and the music myself, what makes it an ever bigger project. The story is based on my first children book and my goal is really to make this an opera that children will like.

I started with editing my novel text file in final draft, but somehow, I don’t like that environment so much so I want to import everything into Scrivener. In Final Draft, there isn’t a real Libretto format template, neither in Scrivener, but still I would like to do everything from the beginning correctly to have the text clear on paper when I start with the music. What I for example need is columns for when 2 or more people talk/sing at the same time. And I would like to have a 2 column option as well for the fact that I wrote my book in Dutch and have to translate it into English, so that way I can have fromthe beginning a 2 language version of the piece.

for example:
upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/e … o_1859.jpg

How can I make a template like this or maybe someone here already made this?

Greetings from rainy Sweden!