opml - binder icons - side panel background fill



  1. There’s a great tutorial on youtube regarding importing opml files into scrivener to build outlines using the mac version.

However i find i cannot do this on the windows beta yet…hopefully…??

side panel - obtrusive bck-grnd colors
As you’ve decided not to make the windows version emulate the cool look of the mack version - could you enable custom fill of background colour for all side boxes (binder / document notes etc ) so i can loose the white / bright colour panels on each side of the writing interface. I know i can effectvely do this via full screen mode - but when when i need to work with any side panels i could still do with having control on the degree of their presence on the screen and white/light backgrounds is just too bright and distracting. Personally i would set them to variations of neutral greys.It would be a great help to have this feature seeing as we dont get the more toned down black boarders of the mac GUI .

  1. Lastly the icons in the binder are still too small - way too small. Unimaginably small. I’ve mentioned this before - but scrivener design is hampered by myopic prejudice. You favour the constitution of short-sightedness and if you are long- sighted like myself then these icons are absurdly small even with my glasses on. I would love the ability to specify icon size - particularly as they do things - they change - microscopic corners furl or weeny midge-sized stacks appear. These are useless features for me if all looking at them does - is to help to increase the pace my eyes deteriorate. I’d prefer to cut out the squinting and eye strain when using this binder once and for all.
    Please consider a more myopic-universalist approach to the scriviener GUI. Last time i mentioned this regarding the zoom text facility you did take it up and now zoom features are very good. Not so the binder for the millions of long sighted folk like myself.

many thanks for taking feedback & lookforward to using scrivener on windows…


  1. In pretty much every case, if you find something the Mac version can do that doesn’t yet exist in the Windows version: it’s on the list of things to add to the Windows version. There will probably be a few exceptions to this in both directions, but in most cases that’s a rule of thumb.
  2. Are you on the latest version, b24? The sidebar should no longer be white. The blue isn’t quite the same as the one used on the Mac—it is modelled after common Microsoft applications that use a blue tint, while the Mac blue is modelled after Apple applications, but it’s fairly close. As for customisation, the above applies as well. These can be adjusted on the Mac, so it is reasonable to assume they will be adjustable on Windows. The notes panel is now a low-saturation yellow, like OneNote uses in its new note pop-up window.
  3. Funnily enough, just yesterday we were talking about this option and I brought up the point that I’d never heard anyone complain about the Binder sizes. Well, I guess I can’t say that any more. :slight_smile: Not disagreeing with your primary argument, but all of the icon information, such as dog-ears, is redundant—it can be discovered in other fashions and is really there just be a little extra nice. I do admit that that the moment this is slightly less true because the Inspector pane icons at the bottom do not indicate if a particular pane has content. So with the dog-ear, that indicates snapshots, there is no way to see if the item has snapshots right now without switching to the snapshot Inspector pane. This will be improved in the final release (as I understand; maybe shortly thereafter) in that these buttons will indicate when they have content. So you are right, if you can’t see the icons very well, you do lose out on having that overview—but it’s not the only place to get that information. Stacks, for instance, also come with an arrow beside them, as stacks only ever exist if they have other files beneath them.

a positive response - lets just assume 1 & 2 are on the way…

regards 3 - i think icons are useful objects in themselves - and im not adverse to them in general or them changing to indicate status alterations - i just want to see them. I would continue to be pro ability to alter icon size largely because they are a significant aspect of the binder and that freedom universalises the myopic issue once and for all. Not only does that reflect something available in a windows environemnt but it also gives the user the ability to decide to priotise using icons as indicators over other indicators on the GUI.

On myopia:-
Here are some myopic statistics for the US
Adults over 40 with nearsightedness - 32 million
Adults over 40 with longsightedness - 12 million

hxxp://www.aao.org/newsroom/press_kit/u … e-2009.pdf

The disproportion in statistics may explain why so many software GUIs are prejudice against longsighted vision. You have to consider that for longsightedness the exact opposite visual requirements are needed to what feels natural to nearsighted vision. If you design software and are nearsighted all those longsighted requirments will look very unatural to your vision.
BIG UP and LITTLE DOWN for the icons then.