OPML files and Scrivener for iOS

I use MindNode on my iPad to create mind maps. I save these map as .opml files in Dropbox. When I open them up in Scrivener for PC, everything is fine. It works the same as if I transferred a Scapple .opml into Scrivener.

When I try to do the same in iOS, it crashes. When I reopen Scrivener for iOS, the file is not there, which I assume means that the iOS app is crashing during the downloading process. Once I transfer the files from the PC to iOS, there are no issues with the transferred data.

I don’t mind too much because I have the PC version and I can just import the files at my desktop. But I’m a bit frustrated that I can’t open up a file that I created on my iPad in an app that’s on my iPad. This is just one more feature that I can’t with the iOS app. Unlike the others, this doesn’t seem intentional, as I have the option to import the opml files from Dropbox.

What method are you using to import the OPML file into your project on iOS?

Interesting—is there a way of importing OPML files directly into Scriv iOS? First I’ve heard of this …!

That’s what I’m curious about as well. :slight_smile:

Oh, Ioa! :laughing:

Really, are there any plans in the pipeline to incorporate OPML importability into iScriv? It would be a fantastic feature as I love to outline on Cloud Outliner on the iPhone.

There are no immediate plans for OPML support. I wouldn’t rule it out forever, but mainly I’m just trying to find out here if there is some loophole we need to fix so that attempting to do so doesn’t crash the app.