OPML for Windows Version

I am a software architect and like to use your product to document use cases which I outline in OPML. I purchased your software as I believe in supporting the industry, however I found out that your Windows version lacks the OPML support which your Mac version has. When will you be able to add such support? Unfortunately I m stuck with Windows PCs at work… I would tremendously appreciate any support. Thanks in advance…


I’m afraid I can’t say exactly when OPML import/export will come to the Windows version, but it is on the roadmap. It’s a lower priority than a number of other features, though, so expect it will be a few months. It will be coming, though.

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Pity about the priority rating as this is a feature which makes me covert the Mac version. Scrivener for Windows and the absence of OneNote on the Mac has so far enabled me to avoid the temptation to bite the Apple.

Every user has a different feature they want first, unfortunately. :slight_smile:
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Would also appreciate OPML import for the Windows version, or another way to import SuperNoteCards into Scrivener for Windows as a outline items or cards.

I second the OPML for Windows import. As far as I am aware it is the only way to use mind mapping (mind genius in my case) as a nested scrivener outline, which I see as key to visual thinking.

Even MindManager for Windows has NO option to import or export OPML files - only their Mac version has this. So it’s understandable that this feature is not on the front burner :slight_smile:.

[[[BTW, I just bit the Apple]]]

Actually that is incorrect. I am using MindGenius for windows and it has an option to export OPML files which is why I am interested in OPML into scrivener. Being able to go from mind map into scrivener would be amazingly useful.

Quite possibly MindManager doesn’t have it, I prefer MindGenius by far due to the superior business functionality.

I have no desire to switch to Apple, and I think this is the Windows forum in any event.