OPML import from iThoughts not working

I believe this should work looking at the user guide, but no joy.

Drag & drop .opml iThoughts outline file to draft folder, dialogue box pops up, but nothing imported. Same file dragged to research folder will create a text item, but with only .opml file name no content. Can’t then move to draft.

Win 7 64bit, version 023



Sorry for the confusion, but did you download the Mac version of the user guide by chance? Check the title page and make sure it says “Scrivener 1.0 for Microsoft Windows” for the sub-title. As far as I know, OPML support does not exist on the Windows version as of yet. The Windows PDF does not declare it as a possibility, which is why I wonder if you might have the wrong PDF file.

Sadly, I can confirm that the .opml import from iThoughts (which I love!) will not work on the windows version of Scrivener as of beta .023

I hope the dev team is considering this for launch, because I am really enjoying using Scrivener (been working on ywriter for a long time, but mindmap drag-n-drop would be a solid reason to convert).


I can’t make any promises about this being available for launch, there are a lot of other things higher on the priority list, but to reiterate, this is a slated feature.

Thanks for the reply. I am really enjoying the UI and features of Scrivener. I’ve been a jealous onlooker at my MAC friends who use it, and love it.

yWriter is a boon to Windows users and i’ve used it for years, but it is one ugly interface. Scrivener is so clean and just as feature-rich.

I started Mindmapping about a year ago to help me organize my chaotic pre-writing, so when I happened to see that Scrivener could import OPML, I got juiced…but you were right…I was watching the MAC ver. on a youtube vid and not the WIN ver…

In any event, I’m really glad you folks are bringing this app to us WIN peeps, and appreciate all of your hard work.

Thanks again.