OPML Sync via Dropbox


I’m using Scrivener for a few weeks now and it’s great. When I first tried it a year ago, there was now sync option to get anything out of scrivener on my iPad, so I quit using Scrivener right away. But now I give it a second try and I really like the Sync with PlainText-App via Dropbox (sync with external folder). Thanks a lot for that feature :slight_smile:!!!

What I really miss is an option to sync OPML via Dropbox. There are some nice apps out there (OmniOutliner, iThought…) that can read OPML and support a real Dropbox sync. It would be great, if I could use those apps for outlining on the go.

Something like two different types of “sync to external folder” - one type sync .txt-files and the other sync .opml-files - which can both be set for the same project would be a great thing!

Unfortunately, the sync-option with indexcard-app doesn’t work for me, since indexcard itself does not sync with Dropbox. You can just import and export files from Dropbox to indexcard, but there is no real sync. I’m sorry to say that, but therefore the sync-option in Scrivener to sync with indexcard-app is quite useless.