Opt-Drag a File to Create Link (not Copy/Paste of Text)

I am having a problem with OPT-drag of a file into another Scrivener file. Sometimes the link is dragged (perfect!), sometimes I get a copy of the text. I have had to try 5-6 times until I see a link, and I would think that I figured out how to do this, but the next time I try it, it does not work. So in outline (when you can see in the top editor a list of all documents), I think the trick is to select an orange/yellow colored, bring the cursor somewhere in the middle of the document title and then OPT-draft. It worked a couple of times, and now I still get to see the pasted text. I do not want a copy-paste of the text. I just want the hyperlink. Where do I need to click exactly to get this right?

Also, I know I can create a keyboard shortcut on my mac, but I am not sure what is the name of the command. I would really appreciate recommendations.

P.S. If there is a way for me to click on the desired file, use a keyboard short cut to enable me to copy a link to the file, and then paste it into another document, that will be perfect.

We’ll be swapping this behaviour in the future in fact, since creating links is something we’ve found people are more inclined to do than appending the text of the dropped document. So hopefully that will by way of circumvention solve the inconsistency you’re experiencing in that you won’t have to mess with the option key unless you want to dump the text into the editor.

My guess would be the option key maybe having a little dust or something under it, so that sometimes it doesn’t work. There aren’t really any tricks to doing it correctly.

I don’t know what you mean by copying it to a file, but as for copying a link to the clipboard: we’ll be improving that as well so that Cmd-C copies the selected item(s) as links rather than pure text titles. But for now, you could create a shortcut to Edit/Copy Special/Copy Documents as Scrivener Links, which pretty much does the same thing.

Edit/Copy Special/Copy Documents as Scrivener Links works great after I created a keyboard shortcut. Thanks!