Optimal setup for fast phone typing?

I’m an Android user, but I’m ready to switch to iPhone so that I can use the Scrivener app. I’m already using Scrivener on Mac OS and PC – I would use the iOS app only when I’m standing on the bus or waiting in line at the grocery store and so on (situations when an iPad or a bluetooth keyboard would not work).

Has anyone tried the app on an iPhone SE (or other smaller-screen iPhone) and a 6 Plus? Have you noticed a marked difference in your typing speed between the two devices?

What third-party keyboard apps have made your typing faster for this application?

Other fast-typing tips?

Thanks in advance.

I have an iPhone 5c, same size screen as the SE.

I find myself using Swype most often. The fact that it’s multi-language without having to touch device settings is a plus. I really like Nintype and can blaze with it, but . . . Unlike L&L, the developer never met a feature he didn’t like, and yet doesn’t have a British dictionary. I finally gave up on it as being too unstable as well as gobbling up memory with its feature-explosion. Pity.

Can’t help on the 6 Plus v. SE question. But I can tell you that I wish I could afford a 6 – those keys are dang tiny on the 5c screen. And I have skinny fingers.

Note: there’s a hard-to-find option in Scrivener app settings to support third party keyboards on iPhones. If you take the plunge, be sure to look for it and turn it on :slight_smile:

Thank you! This helps a lot.

I love the 6 plus, and my wife’s 6 feels tiny now. 6 plus with a Bluetooth keyboard is as good as an iPad for capture.

For any serious on-screen writing I use the Microsoft Word Flow keyboard, which (like most Microsoft products on iOS) is surprisingly excellent.

Fleksy keyboard is great for fast typing on my 6S Plus. Great customisation. The “swiping down word correction” is spot on! The original IOS keyboard is so far behind…

Now that Scrivener is selling Apple devices again, Literature & Latte really ought to insist on royalties! :slight_smile:

I’m on Android, too, and weighing iOS data entry options for mobile Scrivener. I’m happy with my present “keyboard”: handwriting recognition and the famously-disparaged stylus (in a pinch, my finger). Compared to tiny onscreen keys, I find handwriting faster, requires less focus, and is equally accurate—almost as good as a real paper.

Alas, Scrivener for Android is not coming soon, but maybe there’s handwriting recognition for iOS: MyScript Stylus. The Android version seems pretty good (hard to tell, I’m so used to the phone’s native app). On Android, at least, there’s a privacy option that doesn’t send aggregated-anonymous data back.

I’ve debated about getting an iPhone, with an external thumb touch keyboard setup like this:


It’s a gamble though so I might not opt for it in the end. Ultimately I was looking for a solution as typing on a laptop or an iPhone with an external keyboard (both of which force me to type on my lap) would be difficult on long, bumpy bus rides. Having one of these devices might enable myself to hold the device in my hands without having to place anything on my lap. The problem is that I’m not as fast with my thumbs as I am with my whole hands.

Scrivener is pretty much unusable to me, on Apple’s standard 5s keyboard. Keys too small in portrait, and Scrivener edit area too small in landscape.

But I am fine using Scrivener on the 5s with the Swype keyboard, in portrait. Works surprisingly well!

Scrivener + 5s also work great together when I connect my Perixx external keyboard, although it is somewhat odd having the editor on a device that is so much smaller than the keyboard!

I’m very fond of this Anker Bluetooth keyboard-- fast, good touch, long battery life:

smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00 … UTF8&psc=1

Works great with my iDevices, and less than fifteen bucks.