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Hello everybody, I’m phd student and I decided to write my thesis with this wonderful software, however I have some doubts.

I installed pandoc to be able to use equation syntax. But if I use pandoc for equations, then I have to export Pandoc–>Docx and I lost document style, for example if I align a part of the text on the right (or make it bold), when I export with the regular “print” it is on the right, if I export with pandoc it is on the left because I didn’t use pandoc syntax to have on the right.

Is there a way to use equation syntax but be able to use the other regular functions of scrivener when exporting?

Hi Zavidos, indeed Markdown does not contain the “semantic” structure for right-aligned text. Markdown is a structured format, and does not convert rich text formatting unless it fits to the existing structured elements. For Pandoc there is a nice new feature (fenced divs) which allows you to tag any paragraph with a class:

::: custompara :::
blah blah blah

this doesn’t get converted to a Word style (YET, I think it should; it does work for other outputs to LaTeX or HTML/PDF). There is one work around that I can think of if all you have is one “kind” of paragraph style you want different:

This is a straight compile no editing from Scrivener 3 - you can see Maths AND a right-aligned paragraph. If you are using Scrivener 3 I can show you how to do it — it involves making a named paragraph style in Scrivener, then adding a

to prefix/suffix in the compiler for that style, then using a reference word doc that Pandoc uses to get the correct styles. This will get you one extra styled paragraph without fuss…

Actually there is a multiple style solution already implemented for Pandoc for Word, so you can convert any custom character or paragraph style in Scrivener to an inline or paragraph style in Word!!!

pandoc.org/MANUAL.html#custom-st … ocx-output

That’s really cool, so basically you use a prefix/suffix with a span or a div using the custom-style attribute.

I attach a test.scriv project with a reference-doc included (custom.docx) — the compile format converts the “Align Right” and “Compact” Scrivener styles into the correct styles in Word (check test.md and test.docx). You use the custom.docx using the Post-processing panel like so:

Test Project.zip (95.9 KB)