Option-click to open in other editor (split editor)

I’ve been doing a fair amount of two-up work lately—new draft in the main editor, old draft in the right-hand split editor—and I keep finding myself trying to use option-click a document in the Binder to open it in the right-hand editor. This is a habit I picked up from Xcode, but option-click doesn’t seem to mean anything special today, so it doesn’t seem like it would be disruptive to add it. (I don’t know if it already means something on Windows, though.)

Apologies if this has already been requested; the search terms for this idea are all fairly generic. And thanks for a great and very powerful app.

It does do something already, but the effect would not be noticeable in many cases: it loads all of the items in the folder (and to all depths) you opt-clicked on, only if they are included to be compiled. Thus you can easily filter out all notes, old revisions or anything else you keep in the draft that isn’t necessary meant to be a part of the final output.

At any rate, try Shift-Cmd-O. That loads your selection in the other editor (whereas Opt-Cmd-O loads the selection in the active editor). You might also find the View/Binder Affects/ options useful. If you prefer loading things in just one side of the split most or all of the time, that will let you do so.

The current Opt-click behaviour is a little un-obvious and only useful for certain documents. I like chigaijin’s idea of using Opt-click to open documents in the editor much more (I didn’t even know you could do that in Xcode - useful!). For the next major update I have therefore changed it so that Opt-clicking documents in the binder open them in the other editor (opening the other editor if necessary). I have then added a “Select ‘Included’ Subdocuments” to the Edit > Select submenu so that it is still possible to load only “included” subdocuments.

Nice! Docs updated.

Well bowl me over. Great tip, thanks AmberV.

Also excellent news.

Great news, this seems a very intuitive addition! 8)