Option+click with split panes

I don’t think this is currently possible, as it doesn’t seem to work on my Mac: can you Option+click on a file in the Binder and display the file in the pane which is not marked as the active pane? Currently, Option+click in the Binder is equal to just clicking. For example, in my current configuration, clicking a file in the binder displays the file in the upper editor. Opt+clicking a file will open it in the bottom editor. I think it’s a valid alternative to dragging the file, from a UI point of view.

There’s no real way to interrupt the opt-click and prevent the selection from taking place (or at least no way without getting a bit more down and dirty in the way the outline view works than I really want to do). However, you can just drag the file from the binder into the header view of the other pane.
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