Option-drag from corkboard to corkboard

Hi KB and team,

I don’t know if this is a bug or a wish list request…

I have “option-drag creates a copy” turned on, and am viewing 2 different freeform corkboards in a horizontal split.

When I option drag a card from one to the other, the card --moves-- to the destination corkboard. It isn’t copied.

If I option drag from the source corkboard to the same destination, but this time target the folder in the binder instead of its corkboard, it does --copy-- the card.

My request would be that the card copies when dragging directly from one freeform corkboard to the other. It would obviously be great if Scrivener could also read where the mouse was released so that the card could land where I specify.

Thanks for considering this request.

Take care,


I can add another request in relation to cork boards that is along the same lines.

There seems to be a pattern where cork board behavior differs from binder behavior, where it really could be similar.

I have “binder selection affects other editor when focused editor is locked” turned on.

And that works fine – when working from the binder.

But I wish that this feature worked from the cork board as well.

I would really love to “lock” the cork board into one editor, double click on cards, and have them load in the 2nd editor.

I know that I can control-click the card, and select Open>Bottom Editor.

But that’s much more effort than simply double-clicking.

Thanks for considering these features.


For the second request, there’s already a way to do that. In the footer of the Corkboard editor you should see a little double-arrow icon (like this ⇄); if you click that so it turns blue, then clicking on cards in the Corkboard will open them in the other editor. Works for Outliner as well.

The freeform corkboard not respecting the opt-drag-as-duplicates setting is a bug; I’ve added it to the list to be fixed for 2.0.5, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

All the best,

Ah, thanks MM.

I was using the command-option-L menu item, which turns the header bar red. I had assumed the same logic applies.

I see now the need for both options, as one might want the binder to behave differently.

Thanks, and sorry to post a few things due to my lack of familiarity :slight_smile:

But I’m glad to be of help with the option-drag issue.


UPDATE: I was originally writing an additional comment here, but I’ve decided to drop it.

MM, Thanks for pointing out the double arrow button – I love it!

KB, I appreciate your team’s quick responses!


Ooh, just noticed this is fixed in the latest beta (9240). Yay! Thanks, Keith.

It’s partially fixed, which is why it’s not mentioned in the release notes - Option-drag correctly creates copies, but the positions of the cards isn’t maintained when dragging multiple cards between freeform corkboards, as that’s rather problematic given the current implementation, so I’ll be looking that a little more for 2.0.5.