Option-drag in macOS Scrivener binder to quickly create a copy and move it to a new location (à la Mac Finder)

I use quite a few folder and document structures in the binders of my Scrivener projects that serve as complicated stationary pads (templates of folders with specific contents). I’d love to be able to use something like the Mac Finder standard in the Scrivener binder to option-drag these and quickly create and move a copy into its new location for use. Currently I used the duplicate function on the folder, then drag it, then rename it. It would be great to be able to option-drag and then rename (with, perhaps, the new copy’s name automatically being highlighted for editing and renaming?). In essence I’d like to use the interface “muscle memory” from the Finder in this regard and have it apply in the Scrivener binder.


By default, Option-dragging in Scrivener already has a function: it disallows drop-ons, so that it’s easier to drag between items rather than into them. However, if you would prefer Option-dragging to create duplicates instead, you can change this behaviour via the Preferences - in Scrivener’s Preferences, go to Behaviors > Dragging & Dropping and tick “Option-dragging creates duplicates”.

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