Option-Enter in Title in Outline Mode

This may not be considered a bug, but I thought I’d report it anyway. If you’re editing a title in an outline, and you hit Option-Return when you mean to hit Return, now you have a title with a line break in it. That’s OK; that’s what you’d expect. But if it turns out you meant to hit Return in order to edit the Synopsis, then you’re out of luck. Hitting Return now, no matter where you do it, will escape you out of the Title/Synopsis editing mode and just select the item that you were just editing. My proposed fix is that if there is no synopsis and you hit enter somewhere in the middle of a Title, everything after there should become the Synopsis.

That could be annoying, as return should really end editing - in this case you should just cut and paste the part you meant to be the synopsis.
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This works for me, provided that there isn’t already a synopsis: in outliner, with synopses showing, I can opt-return in a title and continue a second line of the title, then hit return again with the cursor at the end of the line and type the synopsis, then return again to finish. If there’s already a synopsis, though, you can’t hit return to jump from the title to the synopsis, which is true of any documents with a synopsis already so that seems normal; just use the arrow keys to skip down to the synopsis in that case. And your cursor needs to be at the end of the title, not somewhere in the middle.