Option for a custom "Reveal in Binder" colour

I know you guys have spent a fair bit of time tinkering with how best to highlight a binder item when “Reveal in Binder” is clicked, and I suspect someone might’ve suggested this before (but if so, I haven’t found it): I like the idea of being able to select your own “reveal” colour.

Currently my binder’s background is very dark grey. The binder “reveal” colour is even darker grey. It’d be neat if I could change this to yellow, for instance.

I know, though, you also have to account for label colours in the binder…


The “Reveal” colour is nothing more than the regular selection colour - all that happens with “Reveal in Binder” is that the document is selected in the binder. So it’s not really possible to assign it a different colour. In the next major update the selection colour should be a little more obvious, though, no matter the binder colour, as it computes the colour based on the binder background colour.

All the best,

Cool! Thanks for the explanation.

Can’t wait for 3.0! Well, I can. But I’d prefer not to. :smiley: :wink: