Option for Autosync of Scratch Pad folder

It would be very usefull if it could be possible to set the Scratch Pad folder to autosync with a folder or document in Scrivener.

So, instead of having to open the Scratch Pad window and then selcet “Send file to Scrivener” and then select the folder/document - you could set it to do that atomatically to a chosen folder/document in your Scrivener project.

Why not just import the files into your project in that case and edit them there? The scratch pad is global, and so independent from any projects, which means that syncing it with a particular project is not possible.

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Because there is no Android version of Scrivener, I am using Scratch Pad to write on the fly and then import the files every time I am on my PC. But the workflow of importing (using the “Send file to Scrivener” etc.) steps as described in my former post is a bit cumbersome if you do it a lot. So my wish was to find some more easy or automated way.

Best regards, Morten :smiley:

Have you looked at the Sync with External Folder feature? It’s designed for exactly this situation.


Hi Katherine. Excactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot :smiley: