Option for corkboard cards to be fixed size

A useful option, and one which I think may possibly be quite easy to implement, would be to allow the cards on the corkboard to be a fixed size. While I did originally like the way they presently resize to fit the available space, as soon as I went to ‘Split Vertically’ I started to want something else - when the two windows are different widths you can have two sets of differently sized cards, which is not ideal.

I use a very narrow right-hand pane with the corkboard in it showing 1 ‘cards across’ so that I have a vertical strip of images to use as a visual reference while I edit my text in a much wider pane on the left. However, sometimes I want to use the bigger pane to view the images on a corkboard, and because it’s set to 1-across they are huge and I have to change back to 4 or 5-across to get them back to a manageable size… but then in the narrow column they become impossibly small!

I have a few ideas about what to do:

If there was the option to have a fixed size card that would be great, because every time you resized the panel it would just fit in as many cards as it could before wrapping round and starting a new row. I would always know how big my cards were going to be.

Dragging the corner of a card would seem to be the way to resize them - you’d resize one and they would all follow suit.

Fixed size cards just makes more sense to me because my Post-It notes don’t increase in size when I put something next to them on my desk! :laughing:

Another thing I’d like to see would be to have an image fill the pane so that I didn’t have to resize it with the image tools. Or just easier access to a one-click button to fill the pane - at present I have to click on the picture itself, double click to get the image tools, click on zoom-to-fit-view and click to close the image tools. If there’s an easier way I’ve not found it.

I’ll just add that this is my first post and like many people I’m sure, I am a PC user who bought himself a Mac specifically to use Scrivener - it really is that good. However I’m sure you would hold up your hands in horror if I told you that I’ve remapped the keyboard so that my Mac now works almost exactly like a PC! :smiling_imp: I’d often thought of working with dual screens, but never with a Mac and PC on the same desk, plugged into each other with a cheap cat5 cable. I think you may have changed me forever!


Nick Gisburne

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your post, and thanks for wanting Scrivener enough to switch to a Mac (though hopefully you’ll thank us one day, as I don’t think you’ll regret it :slight_smile: ).

2.0 will allow you to choose a fixed width option for the cards in the corkboard, although they will still respect the number of cards across rather than trying to wrap when the view gets too small.

I’ll consider an automatically resizing image option, too.

Thanks again and all the best,

this is my first post in the forums, and it about a relatively minor point, since all the major ones are already so good.
I tend to agree with Nick in the notion that the card size issue needs a little reworking. My take is to use what is already there… at least for those of us using It’s No Leopard. I mean a simple finder-like slider to set the card size. For me it’d be so much more useful than having to fiddle in the menus to set a specific cards-across number. I use a lot of faces ( :smiley: :slight_smile: :frowning: :astonished: :open_mouth: , etc, hehe) when writing, and sometimes i just need to focus my attention in one or two of them for a moment or three and then go back to a more general view.
Cheers and congratulations for revolutionizing the way writers write!

Emilio Arnés Vila

Just figured I’d add my vote to the request for manually resizeable cards and the ability to have “as many as fit” instead of a set number of cards across. I also use a setup with one narrow editor pane for a single column of cards and a wider pane usually open to text but which occasionally I want to open on corkboard view for a quick glance at a section of my writing or notes. Having only a single card across, whatever the size, doesn’t give me that wide overview, and it’s irksome to have to switch the number of cards across (thus destroying the view in the other pane, even temporarily) and then have to switch back when I continue writing.

An option to set the card size and then let Scrivener automatically fill the row with as many as fit would be one way to solve this. Another solution would be to allow each editor pane to have its own setting for the number of cards across, which would require some adjusting when the user changed the size of the windows but perhaps give more fine tuning options.

I don’t know how much work that’d be to add in, but I would certainly love to see something like it in a future version of Scrivener.

Thanks for a great product!

Hi Ava,

I think I already said above that the fixed card size thing is coming with 2.0. :slight_smile: I may look at allowing each pane to have their own settings in a 2.x update at some point, too.

Thanks for the kind words!
All the best,

Hi Keith,

You did say that, of course. :slight_smile: And I’m quite excited. But I was advocating the number of cards per row being a flexible algorithm based on the card sized, since your post indicated that regardless of the size of the card and the size of the editor, if it said “1 across” you’d get 1 across, and that doesn’t seem much more helpful for the way I use Scrivener than the current scaled-up card sizes.

So basically, I was just being extra demanding. :wink: But I am looking forward to all the new features, whatever they be, and to discovering more ways to work with Scrivener (current version included, as I know there is so much more in it than I’ve yet used).

Thanks again!

Sorry if I wasn’t clear, but fixed size will mean that the number of cards across will be determined by the width available, just as you are asking for. :slight_smile:
All the best,

Oh, huzzah! I see now you’re referring to the other way around–that even if the whole card doesn’t show, it won’t bump it to the next line. Aaahhhhh.

Sorry I misinterpreted your statement and posted needlessly. Thanks for being so patient! I’m growing more and more excited for this update.

As the author of the original post, I’d like to acknowledge the inclusion of this feature and offer a parody of a well-known series of TV ads:

I’m a Mac and Scrivener 2.0 was my idea :mrgreen: