Option: Include Enclosing Group in Outline

With this feature, a document in the editor could be relocated in the binder, or dragged to References or a folder, much more easily. There’d be no need to find its present binder node, isolate the document some other way, and expand and reposition the binder to the desired destination again before moving the doc.

There are good reasons not to provide this capability in Corkboard view, as Corkboard depicts only a single node at a time. Multiple nodes on one Corkboard would be misleading. But the capability is available in Scrivenings. Outline view, like Scrivenings, already indicates and displays subnodes.

Yes, there is a keyboard option to display the enclosing group. It’s a poor substitute, as it displays too many siblings and their descendants. (I would like it available on the toolbar, however.) A dragging token in the title bar or the Inspector would be another way to achieve this capability. KB, you liked this idea but anticipated a technical difficulty:

Token for document(s) being edited, in editor’s title bar

The Enclosing Group option for Outliner would provide a true hoist, using the same selection logic already deployed in Scrivenings.

Thanks for considering – Jerome