option: small icons main toolbar?

I use: scrivener win 1 on vista and 7

I like to ask for an option to choose between small icons in the main toolbar and regular. My browser “firefox”, for example, enables me to choose between regular and small icons and gives me therefore a bit extra space for the browser windows if needed.

I use scrivener a lot on my tiny net-book. Every pixel on the screen is invaluable, as you know. I therefore would like to choose smaller icons in favor of a few more pixel for the binder and the editor.

I know I can let disappear the whole main toolbar, to have more space, but I like to work with the icons.

Cheers, Simo.

We have these icons designed, so it’s mostly a matter of coding it. We might also do a text-only view as well for an even slimmer view; depends. Of course, everything in the toolbar is replicated elsewhere in the interface; mostly in the main menus. So on a netbook you can do without it entirely.

thank you, a pleasure as ever.

Yes you are right, one can do without the main toolbar entirely, by the menu or even by means of short cuts, it works fine and saves your the most space.

But if it is possible to implement an option to choose small icons, and if it is not just a coding marathon to realize it, than I call upon it - it feels just right to work with the main toolbar even on a net-book.

Maybe some time?

Yes, as I say, we have the artwork ready so it’s just a matter of doing it. Right now the priority is on bug fixes and major features, so it might be a month or two, but don’t worry we’ll have something in time.

… oh, even better. I mixed up the meanings of your phrases (as a non-native-english-speaker sometimes I get confused) - by “We have these icons designed” you referred already to the new small icons, I now understand.

I will be patient.

Cheers, Simo

We do indeed have 24x24 variants of all toolbar icons designed and ready for use in the future. The Mac version can switch between 32x and 24x variants of the toolbar items for instance (these sizes being the standard variants on the Mac). I’m wondering if on Windows, however, the smaller variant might more commonly be 16x16 (in which case we would need a new set of icons - we have an excellent icon designer that we use, so that wouldn’t be an issue).

If possible, could you post a screenshot of Firefox using the larger and smaller variants, so I can be sure?


All the best,

… a pleasure:

regular size

small icons

Great, thanks. I’m pretty sure the 24x24 icons we have should be fine for that.
Thanks and all the best,

firefox 8 is released and it looks like as they did adjust their icons as well.

Small icons are now like that:

You can identify the additional space on the size of the black area.