Option to *add* extra lines between paragraphs?

This would be the inverse of your Text Tidying option to remove extra lines.

Removing extra lines is needed when coming from email to Scrivener. Email almost never has the concept of inter-paragraph spacing, so the option is well appreciated.

The inverse situation is going to email, which many of us do a lot. It’s quite the pain to add in those extra lines.

Would it be easy to reverse the programming of the existing feature (“find two CR or para characters and replace with one”) and give us all an option that finds one CR and replaces it with two?



I’ve always just run a quick find/replace for this, replacing a single return with two. You can use Ctrl+Enter to type a return character in the Find dialog’s fields. Works for Project Replace too if you need a broader scope.

If you don’t need the extra lines to be there, but simply to seem as if they’re there, you can always select all and format the paragraphs to add extra space before or after each para.

When going to email, another option would be to use the Edit ▸ Copy Special ▸ Copy as Markdown menu command. That will not only double-space the paragraphs out (as Markdown requires them to be), but would make your lists and other formatting more portable for email.

You have a lot of knowledge and thoughts in your head, Ioa, witness the Manual (!), but that is a particularly good one.

Good example of what my British friends, from a life there, call lateral thinking…!

Best thoughts out there towards the sea in Spain (of adventures…),

p.s. not to slight Jenniver/Mouton, who I smiled to see so engaged and spepdy, in her ownvery useful reply :slight_smile:

Thanks, Amber. I’ll try that. However…

When I paste Markdown into, say, Gmail, the markings don’t get converted (for example, text doesn’t become text). Also, marked links don’t get made into links in the usual form. Is there a workaround for this?

Does anyone know of an email program that “understands” Markdown and converts it?

Alternatively, there are markdown programs that produce HTML (Ghostwriter, Typora, etc.). But pasting HTML into Gmail doesn’t produce well-formatted text. Are there email clients that do convert pasted HTML into well-formatted text?



Part of the problem, in my decades of experience as an email systems IT specialist, is that every HTML-aware email system has its own different flavor of HTML that it supports.