Option to compile images without converting to PNG

I want the option to compile images to eBook, without converting them to PNG or resizing them.
Thanks to wonderful Scrivener I have just published a book I had worked on for years.
Scrivener for Windows rescued me from “MS Word depression”.
The one bit that took time at the end was replacing all the images with originals (using Sigil). This was important as many jpgs that Scrivener converted to GIFs suddenly became huge in file size, and degraded in quality. Also I needed to use transparency in GIFs, and Kindle does not as yet support transparency in PNGs.

So please can I have a tick box that disables the bit that messes with my images.

Otherwise I love you Scrivener. Huge Thanks to Keith Blount “the creator”, and to all on the forums who provided me with help over the last two years.

Richard at: