Option to default spelling to England English

Can spelling default be set to England English rather than American English?

God save the Queen… …

You can do it in the settings for the spelling. Just tell it to download the UK English dictionary and make that the default.

I’ve looked in File-Options-Language but don’t see an option to download the English spellcheck. Where would I find this option please?

Try this:

  • After selecting File->Options window
  • Click on the Corrections tab on the top row of the options window
  • Then select the Spelling item in the left column list
  • In the window, right pane, there should now be a dictionary field. Beside that is a Download… button which provides a list of dictionaries that can be downloaded.
  • Select your dictionary, and proceed to download.
    -Then back on the Corrections pane, beside the Dictionary field is a Select… button. This allows you to pick from the list of available (downloaded) dictionaries.



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Brilliant - thank you! Constantly correcting the spellings or clicking on ‘Learn spelling’ has been driving me crazy