Option to disable startup screen

Shortly after the introduction of the startup screen in the current version of Scrivener, I’m convinced Keith mentioned in a post on the forum that the next release would have the option to disable it. The paranoia has since kicked in and I’ve searched for this post, which now doesn’t exist!

Is there any chance of this feature, either in the preferences menu, or on the startup screen itself (in the form of a “Don’t show this window again” check box)? Or even as a command to be entered in the terminal? I realise the lack of a startup screen generated a lot of “Scrivener isn’t starting!” support emails. I’d just like some way (any way!) to switch it off is all.


You’re right that this will be optional in the proper release - remember you are using a beta version, so posts relating to it will be under the 1.12 beta thread in the beta forum.
All the best,

Great news, thanks for confirming! :smiley: And sorry about posting in the wrong forum :cry: - it should’ve registered when I was searching on the topic that the discussion about the newly included startup window featured in the beta thread.

Thanks again.