Option to have fixed left boundary

Background: Scapple is handy for creating multi-page documents for clients, e.g. sketching world building ideas.

Problem: If you drag anything too far to the left, the canvas expands left, effectively moving everything to the right, and outside the page boundaries.

Fix: I’d like an option such that the left edge could be fixed. i.e. if I drag an item to the left, the canvas edge acts as a hard boundary.

Bonus: It would be even better to be able to fix left, right and top edges.

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Thank you for your feedback.

Note that you can use the View → Page Guides command to preview where page edges are. I find it very useful, especially for large maps. The displayed guides are based on your current Page Setup settings.

Yes, I use those, have everything nicely set with pages boundaries, then “bump” the left edge, and everything leaps to the right! That’s why I’m asking for this feature…