Option to have full URL as title of document link

When adding document or project links in the inspector, it would be nice to have a new option in the general options to decide whether just the domain name (as is) or the full URL would be used as link title.

Maybe another option could govern whether one wants always the popup with link/title to open when adding a link.

Rationale: I just don’t remember was my links are for. Instead of opening them and have a look the full URL would save time. And even better the option with auto.opening the details popup would give me the option to name them without having to always use an extra click afterwards to open the details popup.

There are so many wonderful lean processes in Scrivener, this is one where the worflow is less than ideal (although only a detail of the whole, of course)

I am not sure I understand the question.
Do you mean in the bookmarks panel of the inspector?
Else, where would you add this link?
I am under windows, and whatever link to a webpage I drop in there shows the full URL.
Say it doesn’t (missing whatever comes after the .com), hovering the bookmark should display the full path after a second or two.

Ain’t that what you are getting?


. . . . . . . . . . .




Copy/pasted the URL as the title:



One thing that may help, you can retitle the bookmark by pressing Esc on Mac/F2 on Windows to edit the text field, without having to go through the context menu. It’s not automatic, but it might streamline your workflow a bit.

On Mac, drag and drop tries to take the webpage title as the name if possible, otherwise, or on a copy and paste action, it just uses the title “Link”.

Yes, well, that is exactly what I get. Sorry, if my post was not clear enough.

I don’t want to open every link to change the title separately after dragging it into the inspector. I wpuld like to

  • a) have an option that the complete URL is used as title immediately
  • b) have an option that the title/URL window pops upon immediately upon dragging

These options should work independently.

If one has many links for a document (or the project of course) the URL hint on hovering doesn’t help much. What I want is the fastest method on setting (custom) titles so that I see them for all links at a glance without doing anything besides just looking .

Hm, Esc does not seem to work in the Windows version on a selected link in the inspector. That would save indeed the context menu step though, if working.

I wonder why use say you see the full URL as title of a dropped link in the window … The screens indicate that it is displayed just with the domain and only show the title you’ve edited the title? Maybe I miss something here?

Sorry, I got it in my head somehow you were on macOS. On Windows, the standard shortcut for editing the text field is F2, so that’s what you’ll want.

Great, thanks! :slight_smile: That makes it a bit easier (although one still doesn’t get the full URL in there easily),