Option to Have Metadata/Keywords "roll-up" to folders or main docs

I’ve very recently started adding keywords to my documents, and was surprised when I realized that keywords that are added to documents in a folder don’t roll-up to the higher doc/folder. While I wouldn’t want this in every case, I think it would be useful to be able to choose an option where you could click on a folder containing a document and see all of the metadata for each doc inside of that folder on one list.

For example, if I have a folder for Chapter 1, and each doc underneath is a scene, if I label the metadata of every scene, when I click on the Chapter 1 folder, I should be able to see every keyword and custom metadata for every scene.

However, in a research folder, I may not want to see every piece of metadata for the research contained within if I click on the folder.

As it is now, if I want a summary of all the keywords in a section, I have to either add them all to the main folder myself, or click every individual document and make a list somewhere else.

Enable the appropriate column in Outline view.

That doesn’t quite do what I want, but it’s close. I’d rather have it all listed as a single list with duplicates removed - a final list of keywords for that entire folder.