Option to modify QuickLook?

The default QuickLook format for a Scrivener doc (with the corkboard background) is very nice. I wonder, though, would it be doable to include an option to make it configurable? The reason I’m asking is that I like to keep all of my work inside my DevonThink. The current QuickLook data is handy for getting a sense of what’s in the file, but what I would like to see even more data, ideally hierarchical. What I’m envisioning is an option in Preferences which would replace the default QuickLook with the results of Compile. I know that would slow down saving, but after all, it would be a non-default option. Alternately, the QuickLook could look the same as it does, but have an option to show all the text in each file and indent the files to represent the Binder hierarchy.