Option to open an exported file?


I do a lot of small to middlin’ stuff in Scrivener: short stories, 1 or 2 page assignments, even to-do lists. (My ongoing project has a gazillion files. That’s one of my reasons I love the program. I can keep everything in there.)

Anyway – My normal routine in Windows 10 is to export to a docx file to clean up and print. It would be super handy to have an option during export to either open the exported file in its native application, or open the folder where it is created. Or both.

This isn’t a mission critical need, but if I’m slamming out several small things before classes, it gets cumbersome.

That’s it!
Barry Maxwell

PS: I did actually read the “Before Posting” notice, but if this is a Mac-available feature, I’m afraid I don’t know how I’m supposed to know! :slight_smile:

Thanks! That one is actually on the list to add to both platforms. It will be a nice addition indeed. :slight_smile: