Option to "quick open" / jump to another document

Keep up the great work! Feature idea: it would be awesome to have a shortcut or menu option to quickly jump to another document without having to use the mouse.

Great examples in the wild of this workflow:

  • Evernote desktop: hit command + J and start typing the name of the note, then hit enter and boom. you are in the note
  • Ulysses: hit command + O (open from library), start typing what looking for, hit enter, you’re there
  • Sublime Text: hit command + P, start typing, hit enter

Ideal world this could be done from either editor in split screen view.

Project -> New Text: Cmd-N

Project -> New Folder: Opt-Cmd-N

Edit -> Find -> Quick Search: Ctrl-Opt-G


In this case, Quick Search is what you are after, the last one in Katherine’s list.

All the best,

Oh, so sorry. I had no idea it was already built in. Thanks!