option to zoom / enlarge outliner view please.


It would be much more speedier for me to work in outliner mode if i had the option of enlarging the window view. I could then much more speedily re-organise text docx using this window and have greater choice over what info emphasis i can choose for myself to see displayed.

At the moment it’s all stuck on ‘fiddly’ - fine for an over all statistical view - but not useful if i want to stay in the outliner and reorganise using it in a way that suits me.

I note both the cork board and the editor can be enlarged accordingly. It would be great to have this facility applied to outliner.

Thanks for consideration.


Does it help if you do:
Tools>Options>Fonts>Outliner and then choose a larger font? This is what I have done, and it serves my poor eyes well.


yes thats the ticket -
maybe … at some point this tiny icon issue could be resolved ??? also as in previous request for binder icons to be enlargeable.