Optional page numbers?

Is it possible for me to set up my document so that when compiled there is no page number? I have been researching this, manual and online, for about 2 hours and can’t figure it out. Some of the online advice mentions “compile settings” but I can’t find anything like that.
All I want to do is export without page numbers. Seems like it should be easy.
Thanks for any help.
— Richard

Do you want to “Compile” or “Export?”

Exported files have no headers or footers at all.

If you Compile, the headers and footers are defined by the Page Settings tab in the Compile Format editor. See Section 24.20.5 in the manual.

Thanks for the response. I had found that section of the manual before posting this, but no matter how much I try I cannot find any way to get to what the manual shows. I cannot find any “header and footer sections” access even though I have searched the program for a couple of hours. I wish the manual had some pictures to show where to acmes this.

Open the Compile dialog with E, then

“Page Settings” is only available for output formats that support physical pages (e.g. PDF).


Thanks for the pictures. Very kind of you to take the time.
I followed these instructions, the key commands, but the page that comes up for me does not look like yours, and there is no little button in the lower left as you show.
I am attaching a couple of pictures so you can see what mine looks like.

Hmmm. I guess you’ve already tried the cogwheel icon (lower left corner)?

Yes, and I don’t see anything like that. Here is a pix of what comes up.

Almost there. You can’t modify the default formats that come with Scrivener. Try the + (left of cogwheel) and then “Duplicate & Edit Format”.

You can also right-click on the format and choose the Duplicate and Edit option. See Section 23.2.3 in the manual.

Thanks November and Kewms, I was able to make progress. I have reached the page where I see (I think) the page number in the footer. I assume I remove it, right? Then I name the new format and then how to I make it the format for this doc? Does that happen automatically?

Well, I tried naming and saving the format and it looks like it is now selected.
I so much appreciate the help you all have given me. It has made a project workable.

— Richard

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