Optional prompt to sync files on exit

I know the idea of automatically syncing files has cropped up in the distant past, but I’ve just started using Scrivener heavily on my first project and I’m spending almost half my time working via the synced files in my Dropbox.

It would be fantastic if there was an option to have a pop up a dialog box appear when you quit Scrivener prompting you to ‘sync with external folder now?’

If working from syncronised files is art of your workflow, as it is for me, then this just makes that work flow a little easier and prevents you from forgetting that vital little step.

There is an option that does that, and it is enabled by default, so perhaps it got turned off? If you go into the sync folder setup dialogue, you will find a setting for Check external folder on project open and automatically sync on close. It doesn’t throw a dialogue, but I think in most cases if you want that behaviour available, you always want it rather than only sometimes.

Ok, I see it now. I was looking for it in the application settings.
Its potentially confusing having some sync settings in the settings dialog for the application and others in their own dialog, although I understand how there needs to be a distinction between project specific settings and application wide settings. - Perhaps its worth considering a link (or links) from the application settings dialog to any related project specific settings?

I do cross-reference between both the global settings and project settings for this, in the user manual. That’s probably the best place for that kind of information. I do understand where you are coming from (and I don’t think you were “wrong” in looking there, it’s a perfectly acceptable place to check), but if we expand that critique to all of the myriad different distinctions between project-specific and global settings, I fear the preferences pane would become littered with links and disclaimers to the point that it would be hard to find the actual options among the undergrowth. In short, I don’t think the suggestion scales well, and it wouldn’t make sense to me to not scale it, because why would it be more important to draw attention this aspect here, in the Sync tab, but not say, Appearance: Binder, where one might be trying to find how to add subdocument counters (found in the View ▸ Outline ▸ submenu per project).

Plus we would have a problem in that many project-specific settings are menu toggles, like that one, which are not well suited toward annotation and cross-referencing. So at best we’d only be solving half of the problem that again, is probably best solved in documentation, where such things can be explained in a more verbose manner.

At any rate, glad that works for you, and you’ve got things set up the way they work best for you!

Fair point. Thanks for taking the time to answer!