Options ->Appearance->Main Editor visual bug, & panel resize not retained

Options ->Appearance->Main Editor

At the bottom of the panel, there’s a pargraph beginning: ("Hide Markup can be found...

This paragraph, on my 1920x1080 monitor, takes 2 lines, and is squished into 1 (cutting off the top of one line and the bottom of the other). If I double-click any edge of the panel, the panel resizes itself, and everything can be seen easily. If I close the panel afterwards, the size of the panel is not saved. So if I open this particular panel again, it has the same problem.

This may be happening because I changed the font of Menus and Windows (Options->Appearance->Fonts->General->Menus and Windows).

Suggestion 1: if the panel is resized, save the new size.
Suggestion 2: make the initial panel size large enough to begin with – although this should account for the font size change.