Options: custom paste and match style (Win)

I am not sure this hasn’t been discussed before. Quick search didn’t return anything.

Currently the pasting functionality is not good enough for me. Especially when trying to paste a bunch of html text from outside of the Scrivener.

The problem is that if I simply paste, then the text will have all kinds of fonts/style/background things I don’t need in my text. But if I use “paste and match style”, then I lose all the convenient Bold/Italic/Underlined/Center properties.

I would love to get the “Custom paste and match style” option, where I could turn on and off different text properties I want or don’t want to have after pasting.

In my opinion this would be a killer feature. :wink:

That would be a pretty good feature. :slight_smile: In fact… we have it already. Instead of working up front, it is something you use after you’ve pasted, so it is easier to use it after you’ve collected material into the document. It works on whole documents, and can even batch clean hundreds at a time. The menu command is [b]Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style[/b]. You’ll be asked how much of the formatting you want to clean, and inline stuff like italics and bold will always be retained (assuming the base font supports them).

Very cool, thanks for pointing this feature out.

Unfortunately it doesn’t really help that much.

It’s good if I want to change many pages/documents at the same time: I paste many documents and then convert them at the same time.

But it is very tiresome to use when the work is in-progress. That is if and when I want to paste only some information: be it a sentence, a paragraph or an article. Instead of clicking a simple combination for custom paste and match style:

  1. (small text) I “paste and match style” and then manually edit it to regain the original boldness and such.
  2. (big article that needs its own space) Create new document. “Paste” text. Do a lot of mouse movements and clicks to convert the text.
  3. (in case I want to paste this text into a chapter, that has some non-standard editing style I don’t want to lose) “Paste”. Do a lot of mouse movements and clicks to convert the text. Select the result. Copy. Select the needed chapter. Find the place I want to paste. Paste. Delete the temporary file. Delete file from Trash.

Getting the “custom paste and match style” feature would greatly improve the usability. With it, all the usage scenarios would become easier and faster to do, especially the last one.

Could you please still consider custom paste and match style? If not, could you please explain your concerns? Maybe I could explain better how I use Scrivener, describe my user-scenarios, analyze the amount of time/clicks I need to spend/do currently vs with the feature, restate my case in general?

Implementation does require some work, but I believe it’s well worth it (maybe not as the A-grade task, but definitely as the entry in the ToDo list for the future version 2.0 or later).