OPTIONS dialog box missing "SAVE" button [BUG LOGGED]

This is more of a UI quirk but when you’re changing options in the OPTIONS dialog box, there is no feedback mechanism to inform the user of successful changes.

There really should be a button at the bottom titled “SAVE CHANGES” or maybe just “OK” that, when pressed, will save changes and close the dialog box, letting the user know that changes have been made and saved.

Now, I’ve found that my changes really are saved by just closing the box manually. But without the feedback, I keep having to check various settings to make sure the changes really did take effect.

Agreed 100% - this is a Mac thing that I thought might confuse Windows users. I will add, at the very least, an OK as you have suggested. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

No problem.

WOW, that was quick! 7 minutes! :open_mouth:

Keep up the awesome work! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, forgot to mention, I think you should also add a “CANCEL” button, for those times when you’ve made 5-6 changes in various tabs and then you change your mind and realize you want to revert back to the state before the changes.

Like right now, and I’m trying to remember what the original values were. :laughing:

I second the second suggestion…
I was just playing with the Options menu, and hit the Restore defaults button. This brought up a dialog box that warned me that restoring defaults would lose all me settings, was that OK? And then there was a big "OK’ button, but no “cancel” button. I presumed that cancel was achieved by hitting the little corner X, but I would be used to the dialog box at this point having an obvious cancel button as well as the OK button.