options reset on upgrade

the only time I’ve had all my options reset previously was a full removal and install, this time I ran check for updates in scriv. and ran from there, and lost some, but not all of my options.
kept options :
lable color in binder, corkboard appearance options.
Reset options :
save frequency, typewriter mode in full screen

(these are what I have noticed so far, I just installed the upgrade this morning)

Thanks for the detailed report. I’ve seen this come up with some others as well, and it definitely shouldn’t have happened when upgrading from within the program, so Lee will take a look at that bug and should get it fixed for the next update. It looks like the preferences set in Options–which are global, vs. things like where the label color shows, which is information saved within the project–were reset, so you’ll probably want to open that up and make sure you’ve got the settings you want. You can also use the “Manage…” button there to save your preferences so that you can load them again later if you need to.

I had the same issue, all my settings were re-set to the default …

( ps I would have liked the opportunity to nominate the download directory instead of “temp” used by the install routine - I like copies in my “download folder” (just-in-case) )

I mentioned in my reply to Lee’s posting of the update my loss of personal dictionary, as well as editing format.

At the same time I asked there if it is possible to save one’s personal word list and to then reinstall it?

I hope someone will kindly address this question.

Sorry I didn’t catch this earlier. Yes, if you choose to “Save Preferences…” from the “Manage…” drop-down menu in Options, this will save your word list as well, so you can reload these preferences and regain your list.

However, I’m also putting in a note to Lee about this, as it would be preferable if possible to store the word list elsewhere so that resetting the preferences doesn’t also wipe the list. We’ll see what can be done.