Options right-click crash

I did a search for this but I didn’t see it. I’m using the latest Scrivener for Windows, version 0.0.25 on Windows 7. I open Scrivener, click on tools, then options. If I go to the Editor tab and right-click in the text box, the program crashes completely.

I discovered this while trying to change the default font for new draft pages. Anyone else having this issue?

Just tested (also on Win7) and I get the crash, yes. Nice catch, thank you.

To adjust the sample text, just use the format bar and ruler above it; the sample text isn’t actually editable.

Thanks. I was trying to change the font style itself. When I right-click on a folder and click “create new text” it always defaults to MS Sans Serif and I was trying to change that.I actually just figured it out (you click the italicized “A” on the far left) so that problem is solved, but I thought I’d report the crash anyway.