Options (settings) vs. Themes vs. Layouts

I think this is an area where further documentation is badly needed.

What’s the difference between:

  • Save Options
  • Save Theme Options
  • Save Theme

on the Manage pulldown of the Options dialog box. What gets saved with what?

Also, what does saving a “layout” actually save?

I’m in the last stages of configuring Schrivener for use with a long project, and more documentation/explanation would be really helpful.



Never mind about Layouts. That’s well covered in the draft manual.


One thing the manual doesn’t mention whether it is saved or not is the split in the inspector between the Synopsis panel and the Notes panel. (And, unfortunately for me, it’s not.)

A little background: I have gotten used to looking up to the document title in the Synopsis panel while editing notes. Since the document title is not visible in the inspector if the synopsis panel is minimized, I opened both the synopsis and the notes, then moved the splitter between them up so the synopsis window was very tiny, but the current document title still showed, then saved this as a new layout.

Sadly, that split ratio isn’t remembered. Oversight? Or design choice?

(I could just get used to looking over at the editor or the binder for the name of the document I’m editing, but when the editor is split I often mistake which is the active document.)