Options UI Inaccesible (windows)


In Options, under the Appearance tab, there is the setting to change GUI font of the Menu’s and Windows. As I used to have this on quite a small text beforehand, I tried to revert it back to the original size, which it made 12 automatically (perhaps a bug), but now the GUI is too big and I cannot reach the “apply” button at the bottom of the page. It goes off of the screen and I have no way of sizing down the window itself as it doesn’t allow you to. I’m unsure of how to possibly fix this and as all GUI settings are carried over between projects, I cannot use Scrivener anymore.

Please help.

The Options dialog is movable and resizable, so if neither are available to you, then you have something else going on. But nevertheless, after you select a font size, the Apply key is the seventh item in the tab order after that. So select a font size, click that font size dialog’s OK button, then hit the tab key seven times, then hit Enter.

Thank you so much! That worked! I doubt I’ll be changing that UI font anytime soon. Phew