Order in outliner changes to alphabetical when writing in copyholder

I use the outliner with a copyholder. In the outliner I have chosen one chapter (folder) that I am working with, displaying the texts in the copyholder.
However when I write something in the copyholder, or paste text into it, the order of the texts in the outliner changes from binder order to alphabetical order. I cannot change it back other than by opening the binder and click the chapter in question again.
I suppose this must be a bug?
Kind regards

I just realised this happens also when I write something in the other editor, not just in the copyholder.
However, I restarted Scrivener, and now the changing of the order does not happen (so far). So this might be difficult to reproduce.

It sounds to me like you had sorted the outliner at some point during that session. There is a bug where once you have done that, if you navigate elsewhere and return, the sort condition is no longer initially present, nor indicated in any way, until you do something in another view.

Sorting only persists within the current session, which would explain why it stopped doing that once you reloaded the project.