Ordered list (compiled to RTF) shows number in different font size + family than list item?

I have a paragraph+ character style for a numbered list. During compile I change some details like margins of that style, but not font size nor family.

After compilation the number is shown in the general default formatting from (File → Options):

ordered list rtf

(Even without touching the style during compile it’s the same effect.)

How to overcome that behaviour which seems to be quite illogical? Any ideas?

What are you using to open the RTFs? Is that font size for the number imposed by the style sheet of that app? I’m not at my computer at the moment (and I’m a Mac user, in case that is a factor).


I’m using Word (Windows), and the style sheet used in Word is the same as for the item text but overridden by Scrivener default formatting.

This looks like a problem of the Scrivener conversion into RTF.