Ordered Lists

Hi there,

first of all, I’m new to Scriverner and I’m new to the forum, so: “Hello”

I’d like to use Scrivener for writing user manuals for musical instruments related stuff. I need to have an ordered list (1., 2., …) with a break in between. After that break (a note for the user) I have to continue the list with numbering. It should look like the following:

  1. Step 1…
  2. Step 2…
    Note: Important information!
  3. Step 3…

Is that possible with Scrivener? I didn’t find anything about that in the manual or in the forum.


If you are adding visual breaks into a single semantic block, you should use line breaks. They are in the Edit/Insert menu, or Cmd-Opt-Return. These will let you space out lines within paragraphs and list elements, without “closing” or ending that element. Do note the Mac’s list code can get a little flaky around these. It’s best to create your list items first, then go back and break any lines of extra material into the existing list, rather than trying to type it in linearly.