Ordinal Not Found error on starting scapple

Whenever I open scapple I get a pop-up window which states:
“The ordinal 4368 could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\iCLS Client\ssleay32.dll.”

The program starts OK and appears to operate correctly but it is triggering this error window consistently.

Any suggestions what might be causing it and can it be fixed? I don’t see anyone else flagging this problem so it could be peculiar to my set-up. I use Windows 8.

By the way I’m loving scapple - simple but very useful. It does most of the things I want to do with this type of software. :slight_smile:


That definitely sounds like a bit of a Windows glitch. I Googled and found this: http://forum.gsa-online.de/discussion/5048/v6-31-error-message

So maybe run Windows Update, restart the 'puter, and see if the error goes away. :slight_smile:

Good suggestion and I tried it - but with no success… :cry:

I too have done some Googling - the only other suggestion was to try installing OpenSSL - presumably this is a different version from the ‘Windows SSL’ dll? And presumably the person who suggested it (on the same answer forum as the link you gave me) believes it works better?

I don’t expect you to know the answer to all that but if anyone out there does then please let me know! The issue isn’t a major problem because one can just dismiss the pop-up with no apparent problems, but it is annoying! :wink:

OK Folks,
I know quite a few people have viewed this post so I am going to post an update. I believe I have fixed the problem! (At least the pop-up has ceased to ‘pop-up’ now!)

I did some detective work, deduced that I might have deleted a dll file (I had been doing some file duplicate removal - I have learned a lesson - don’t allow the software to remove dll files (or exe for that matter)) In fairness the issue wasn’t solved by restoring all the removed files but I followed up by searching for the ssleay32.dll file on the computer - there were quite a few instances surprisingly (to me anyway).

I looked in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\iCLS Client\ folder and surprisingly there WAS an existing ssleay32.dll file. Puzzled, I tried to copy in one of the other files with the same name - they were different dates and size. When I managed to replace the ‘old’ with the ‘new’ version it worked! No more pop-up.

I am now waiting for any further consequences of my meddling!!
I love computers!
Enjoy Scapple and get Scrivener if you haven’t already! :laughing:

FINAL EDIT: 18th Nov 2013
No repercussions from my actions above. Scapple working fine! Thanks