Organise Outliner options into constituent groups

This may be a GUI appearance solution but:
The drop down menu for outliner options is a bit overwhelming and tedious/difficult to find and select using the eye. I was wondering if you could simply group the options something along these lines:

  1. binder/cork group: title-synopsis-icon
  2. ID group: no.-label-status-section type-keyword group
  3. Date group: created/modified group
  4. Count & compile group: total word/character counts - include in compile control
  5. Progress group : target/ progress
  6. Customised group
    This is how they are itemised in Windows beta 3 . It might be a matter of just placing a line between the items listed so they occur in groups but it would help / be quicker when selecting outliner options if this kind of group based arrangement was easier to detect with the eye.
    sp :slight_smile: