Organising saved searches

Keith –

Is there any chance that saved searches might someday be allowed to live at any level of the binder hierarchy, or even just one level beyond the root, so that they needn’t clutter up the binder if you have a lot of them?


This has come up before. In short, they are constrained to the top level for mostly conceptual reasons, since they act differently than other elements in the Binder when activated and such.

As AmberV says - in the medium-term, the answer is “no”. One of the main reasons is that if they are allowed to be contained within a group, then you could view them in the corkboard or outliner. Whilst this seems a good thing, now consider what happens when you double-click on the icon of the saved searches index card or outliner row in this situation (or just select Open in Editor): the binder will be affected (the saved search will be run) rather than the editor. Hmm, now that I think about it, though, it could open the text part of saved search. But then the trouble is that saved searches cannot contain children - so they will still act differently from every other document. So for now, I think it is best that they stay in the root to emphasise their difference. I do understand, though, why you may wish to place saved searches inside folders, and will certainly ponder on it in the future.

I take your point. But wouldn’t it be pretty easy to include just a single, specially marked ‘Saved Searches’ folder in the root, even if you don’t feel like providing a folder hierarchy to organize its contents? I don’t see how that would confuse the user.

(BTW, did I mention how beautiful beta 6 is?)