Organize Projects on iPad

When I’m working on Windows I have all my projects in folders on Dropbox for each type of writing I’m doing. So novels are in //App/Scrivener/Novels, short stories are in //App/Scrivener/Short Stories, Reviews, Blog Posts, etc. When I imported them into Scrivener in iOS on my iPad it imported everything but everything is flattened in the Projects side bar so I’m left scrolling through a lot of projects to find what I’m looking for. Is there a better way to organize this? I’m writing more and more and my iPad and this is not a useful way for me to work. Thanks.

As far as I know, no, there’s no finer organisation of projects available in iOS Scrivener. All I can suggest is using a naming convention instead of folders. That is, instead of


you use


By putting the category name into the project name, your projects will alphabetically sort into their categories.

Hope this helps!

I have a subfolder on Dropbox called Active Projects, in which I only have a handful of projects that I am actively working on. That’s the folder I sync with iOS Scrivener.

Which isn’t what the OP is asking about. You could have sub-folders underneath that “root” sync folder and they would show up under Mac and Windows to help organize your active projects. That doesn’t work under iOS – it will see the projects in folders beneath your root sync folder, but it won’t display that additional folder hierarchy to you.

I know, but not syncing everything you have in your Mac is one way to suímplify the use of iOS Scrivener.

Maybe you should stop assuming that posters don’t already understand things and are actually asking about a related but different problem. One can have valid reasons for wanting to further sort the active projects one DOES want to sync with their mobile device…

Yes, and combining Silverdragon’s and my suggestion might be a way to find a solution to the OP’s problem.

Maybe you should stop acting like a self-appointed referee or critic and try to answer the OP’s question, instead of commenting about whether you find other’s posts appropriate or not? ;)

I did. I validated Silverdragon’s advice on my setup and realized that the advice as given was in fact correct, and that I didn’t need to artificially add to the thread by going off on a tangent.

Thanks for the replies, everyone. I started doing exactly what Silverdragon mentioned soon after I created the post as a stop gap but based on the feedback it looks like it will be a permanent solution. I was hoping for something a little more finessed. Hopefully if L&L decides to do another iOS version it will be a little more feature rich. As Apple tries to bring their OSes closer in alignment I suspect Mac and iPad users might begin to expect feature levels to be more similar between products.

Thanks again and good writing!

The actual OS “UI merge” process seems to result in developers “dumbing down” Mac apps rather than “educating” iOS apps. (Not you, Scrivener! I’m looking at you, Evernote…) grr… :angry: