organizing a book in scrivener

I am using Scrivener to write a non-fiction book with lots of research files. What I can’t figure out is if there is a way to have the project be my book and then under that have my drafts be the chapters and most importantly for my organization have under that chapter a separate folder of research files only associated with that chapter. Is that possible or is my only option to make each chapter a separate project, and then have my draft and under that associated research files. That seems awkward, and not especially helpful, especially if I want to move research files from one chapter to another.

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You can keep text files (but not pdfs and image files) in a folder in the Draft/Manuscript folder; just un-check the “Include in Compile” checkbox in the inspector for each of the documents. For other types not allowed in the Draft, there are work-arounds.

For images, they can be dragged into a text document from elsewhere in the project. PDFs can’t be included this way, but you could create a scrivener link in a document, it’s Document Notes pane, or the References pane of the Inspector. These scrivener links can also be the complete solution, so that you have a Chapter 3 sources folder under the Research folder in the binder, and then just link to the individual documents/images/pdfs/spreadsheets/etc… in a document or the Document Notes. Splitting the editor and locking the view of the documents you’re writing in will allow you to open those links in the other editor for reference.

Another way of organizing would be to write your chapters and organize your research in the “Research” folder, then later drag all of your chapter folders to the Draft folder for compiling.

You don’t have to use the Project, Draft, Research structure in the template if this doesn’t work for you, so you could create as many top-level folders as you want. So you could, if you wanted, create a structure like…

  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 1 research
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 2 research
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 3 research

Or even…

  • Chapter 1
    ___ - Chapter 1 research
  • Chapter 2
    ___ - Chapter 2 research
  • Chapter 3
    ___ - Chapter 3 research
    since you are not using the Draft folder, you are freed from the constraints of that folder (but also some of the benefits of using it).

Note: For myself, I would keep the Project, Draft, Research structure and would then have the hierarchy of the research folder match the Draft folder as this will make compiling later simpler.

EDIT: Underscores ("___") were used to indicate hierarchy because additional spaces were not recognised when I submitted the post.