Organizing a Writing Project with FreePlane and Scrivener

I created a video about Organizing a Writing Project with FreePlane and Scrivener. Only a small part of it is actually about Scrivener, but I think it might be of interest to Scrivener users anyway. The part about Scrivener begins about 8 minutes into the video, if you want to just jump to that part.

I hope you find the video interesting and the ideas useful.

Thank you… this was helpful and informative being that I use both applications.


Thanks for creating and posting the video–very interesting. I’m going to play with some of your ideas.


Do you feel FreePlane has more functionality than Scapple? I bought Scapple with Scrivener, but haven’t used it yet. I have used several other mind mapping programs, but not FreePlane.

Yes, I feel FreePlane has more functionality than Scapple. Scapple’s beauty is its simplicity; FreePlane’s beauty is its power.
I use Scapple for brainstorming – getting down ideas about a scene quickly and then linking them.
But for my research, which is extensive, I use FreePlane. It has great searching and filtering capabilities. I can easily create Boolean (and/or) filters and view just the nodes dealing with certain topics (e.g., Boston Command and (Tremont Street Or Boylston Street)).
The latest FreePlane Beta --which is stable enough for everyday use-- makes it easy to create a refernce link in Scrivener that goes to a given node in FreePlane.

I’ll try to make a quick video showing some examples of how I use each application, and post it in a few days.

Here’s a brief video about using Scapple and FreePlane with Scrivener. FreePlane has more functionality, and is good for managing complex information. Scapple is simpler and is good for brainstorming.