Organizing chapters

I would like to write my bachelor thesis with scrivener and I am a little confused in the use of folders.
Is it a good practice to organize your folders like the chapters and sub chapters of the document?
In my final document I want to have chapters with numbers like following:

  1. Preface
  2. Chapter 2
    2.1 Sub-Chapter
    2.1.1 …
    2.2 …

The sub-Chapters have another formatting than the ones of the higher level.

As I write a technical document I have some sections where I like to show snippets of source code. These parts are formatted always in Courier. Should I allways create a new text for a code snippet? So I can tell Scrivener to preserver the formatting.

Thanks for your help

The manner in which you use folders, documents, and stacks of documents (try dragging some documents beneath others if you haven’t already) is entirely up to taste. The only real difference between the three is how they get handled during compile

To formulate a strategy, I would recommend perusing the compile sheet so you can see what options are available. Specifically, in the “Content” section, lower right matrix of check-boxes, you can select different content inclusion options for each of the individual types of documents. Under the “Formatting” tab you can select a different heading font for each of the three types, as well as the body text.

Given that you would like to have sub-sections formatted differently than chapters, I would recommend you use folders for chapters and document stacks for sub-sections. Unfortunately, at this time these are the only two format levels available.

And don’t worry to much about getting things “right” from the very start. You can convert documents to folders and vice versa really easily. Again, there is little difference between them until compile time.

Yes, that is currently the best practice. Preserve formatting will also retain your ruler settings, so if you wish to block indent the code section, that would be possible as well. In the future, this will be a bit easier to manage, but for now that is what I would recommend.

Keep in mind you can export to LaTeX if you use MultiMarkdown. For technical writings, this can sometimes be easier and will certainly be more flexible in terms of how much control you have over the final output. If you are not already familiar with LaTeX, though, it would probably be better to skip that option unless you take an exceptional amount of pleasure in learning complicated things. :slight_smile:


thanks for your fast answer.
I did not know from using stacks. I think this is also a good way to organize sub-chapters.