Organizing Information by Date Into a Timeline

I’m not sure if this should be posted under Technical Support or some where else.

I have a large research and writing project that I would like to do totally with Scrivener. I’m looking for a way to easily code information by date attached to a reference document, and then have those dates automatically sorted into a timeline view.
I’m still learning all the ins and out but does anyone know of a way to do this with Scrivener, or with another program?


… easy way to do it in Scrivener… hmmm…

You might want to try adding a date custom metadata field to your project, and fill it in for your research documents. Then you could display your research folder in Outliner mode, and sort on your custom date field. That will display your research documents in chronological order.

If you want or need a graphical timeline, the only solution I know of is Aeon Timeline. You’ll still need that custom date field, though. :smiley: